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H.E.R.O. Ansell Nurse Service Award

It is important to Ansell that nurses not only use its products, but perceive that the company understands its challenges and has empathy for them.

Heal. Educate. Reach. Overcome.

Ansell is the worldwide leader in protective gloves. Its gloves protect many categories of healthcare practitioners but no category is as large as the category of nurses. Ansell not only provides products to these important end users but also provides protocols and best use practices, particularly in the area of latex allergies. It is therefore important to Ansell that nurses not only use its products, but also connect with Ansell and perceive that the company understands its challenges and has empathy for them. The H.E.R.O. program adds to the customer experience, underlining Ansell’s understanding of its end user, and building a connection through customer appreciation.

Research, both anecdotal and formal, suggested that nurses feel underappreciated generally. These front line workers perform their tasks, often in difficult circumstances, and with little or no appreciation shown. The glamour that ensues to docs and surgeons is seldom visited on the nurse. There is, therefore, an opportunity for Ansell to connect with nurses demonstrating appreciation, understanding and empathy for the job they do and the services they provide. Building this connection is a key factor to increasing product satisfaction, and being perceived as a preferred and valuable supplier. The H.E.R.O. campaign was created and a strategically planned by QBHC to be a participatory campaign that speaks directly to the audience, providing an opportunity for it to choose the most deserving of its members to receive reward and recognition. The program offers the opportunity for dialogue within the community and provides a vehicle for members of the target audience to express pride in their peers and their chosen profession. This program does not attempt to sell products or benefits. It is a genuine social campaign to build connection, relevance and reputation. This approach is a novel one that has garnered an impressive level of interest in and participation by its target audience. The program was launched to cover target audiences in all of North America. The campaign was executed in English and French. The H.E.R.O. program offers value to the target audience by providing a system for dialogue between members of the community, as well as an opportunity to express the community’s pride in its purpose and execution of its duties. The program has value to healthcare facility administrators by increasing the level of satisfaction of one of the largest categories of its employees. Facilities that got behind this initiative in promotion and celebration of winners found they had an opportunity to express their appreciation for the accomplishments of its nursing staff. Several facilities with winners organized celebratory events for the awarding of the prizes.

The value to Ansell derived from the H.E.R.O. program is in its increased profile with end users, nurse managers and facility administrators. The idea that Ansell products, product innovations and programs are produced by a company that appreciates and understands the needs of its audience is driven home by the H.E.R.O. program. The H.E.R.O. program responds to higher emotional needs and understanding and supports the idea behind the Ansell Cares initiative, an important umbrella branding program also created by QBHC dealing with the problems associated with latex allergies among other issues.. The H.E.R.O. program has become a key component for corporate, program, and product branding success and 2015 marked its fourth year. Ansell’s products and programs deliver products for protection and programs to facilitate their use as well as offering help with problems like Latex Allergies. These are the practical needs of the target audience. The unmet customer need for the end users of its products that the H.E.R.O. program has recognized, is the emotional need for recognition and appreciation for the difficult job that nurses do. The sociologist Maslow in his exposition of the Hierarchy of Needs has identified that higher needs (emotive) are real and important, particularly when practical needs have been met. The H.E.R.O. program understands and provides a program for satisfaction of these needs.

The challenge to the launch of this program was to gain high awareness very quickly in order to make sure that the diverse audience of nurses and health practitioners throughout North America would become involved, responding to the message by nominating their peers and participating in voting. The program was designed to get people involved. Simply put the program begins with nurses being nominated by their peers and, of course, agreeing to accept the nominations. Then a period of voting occurs during which the audience is encouraged to vote. The ten nominees who receive the most votes are named the winners of the Ansell H.E.R.O. Nurse Service Award. Each winner receives a H.E.R.O. Nurse Service Award Plaque, a nursing reference book of their choice, and has her or his story profiled online. At the first launch of the program Quiller and Blake Healthcare proposed a campaign to build awareness quickly with impact:

• Messaging would be motivational and inspirational

• The program would be housed as a microsite with ties to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

• Print advertisements, along with publication e-blast programs to effectively reach a larger audience

• Targeted online programs

• Direct mail in the form of posters delivered to healthcare facilities for posting at nursing stations

• The use of regional newsletters generate a grassroots groundswell for the program

• Dedicated Facebook, Twitter and Instagram programs were recommended

• A video to make an emotional connection with our audience. To be used on Ansell’s Facebook page, on the microsite, at trade shows, and for any online banner advertising

• A press release program to all national industry publications, the ADL regional publications, as well as being distributed on the wire

Q&B recommended Ansell use “awareness” as a measurement of success for the H.E.R.O. program. Recognition programs are developed to help position an organization with which its prospective audience would “like” to connect. The greater the awareness for the program, the greater the opportunity for prospective audiences to act on the message.. We also recommended utilizing awareness of Ansell’s core brand values as a measure of success. By reaching a large audience, the H.E.R.O. program presents Ansell as an ideal partner that listens and understands its audience and it positions the company as a strong leader. Partnership and leadership are two of Ansell’s core brand values. To more accurately measure awareness and a perception of partnership and leadership, QBHC recommended conducting a research study pre and post program. We were able to negotiate a research program with a significant industry publication that reached out to its audience base with a number of pertinent questions prior to and following the launch of the campaign. The results have shown progressive increases of awareness after each annual launch of the program and growth of leadership attributes for Ansell. In addition to measuring awareness and a perception of partnership and leadership, QBHC recommended the following benchmarks, which utilize the previous year’s results from which to grow.

Growth targets are set each year to measure success:

• Grow submissions and approvals

• Grow number of votes

• Grow Facebook “Likes”

• Grow paid media audience numbers

• Match earned media audience from previous year

• Grow number of visitors to the microsite

• Grow number of Tweets

• Grow number of Facebook posts

• Grow number of Twitter followers

In the first year over 60 thousand H.E.R.O. aficionados visited the microsite and more than 42 thousand votes were cast for the nominated heroes. Votes were cast online at ansellhero.com, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. QBHC developed the program so that it capitalized on social networking and its viral nature and viral it went receiving votes and posts from as far away as the Philippines. These results have continued to grow and meet its benchmark growth targets year to year.

  • Date : 2013 and counting
  • Client : Ansell
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