National Ovarian Cancer Association (NOCA)

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National Ovarian Cancer Association (NOCA).

The National Ovarian Cancer Association was formed a relatively short time ago with the goal of creating awareness about a disease that had quietly become the most fatal of all gynecological cancers.

Quiller & Blake Healthcare approached NOCA when a team member’s mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. The agency offered a partnership so that we could assist with the difficult task of creating awareness in the general public as well as within the medical community – awareness amongst physicians was a serious problem as women were often misdiagnosed in the early stages of ovarian cancer.

The objective was to create a communications plan that would be informative, motivational and attention grabbing to all audiences. We wanted to create awareness about symptoms to encourage women to see their physicians early and to make NOCA and ovarian cancer top-of-mind in the minds of donors and doctors. Our audience was engaged by asking it to “Listen Up.” and “Get Loud.” about ovarian cancer. This tagline became the mantra of the entire campaign. QBHC developed a total communications plan that included print, radio and television components. Where production partners were needed to execute the final product, i.e. radio and television commercials, their services were provided entirely pro bono.

Next, we leveraged relationships within the radio and television community to kick off NOCA’s PSA campaign, which launched during ovarian cancer month. The campaign was very successful in that it was heard and seen across the country during high-traffic listening and viewing prime time. It sparked interest from the media and was included in news features both in print and on television in every major city centre. In addition, there were greater incidences of women seeking out information from their doctors and proactively analyzing their symptoms as they related to ovarian cancer. Soon after the launch of the campaign, NOCA was approached by a major sponsor who helped to promote and fund NOCA’s annual fund-raising walk. That year, NOCA raised over $1 Million – the most in the foundation’s history.

This successful campaign was entirely PSA driven and relied on its motivational and engaging messaging to generate interest across all media, including the press. It is relevant to Planned Parenthood’s requirement because it shows how a strong phrase can get attention and produce results and it shows our effectiveness in working with a not-for-profit or charitable organization.


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